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Re: more letters from the feds

The only advantage to running a an exit-server at home would be
increased anonymity because you could always say "a tor user did it".
Also, I think running middleman servers does expose you to more
scrutiny since the government doesn't like tor or encrypted traffic of
any kind however I don't think they will hassle you or anything like
that. I think everybody should be able to run a middleman server and
route like 20 k of traffic. I do this quite frequently and I've never
been harassed by anybody.
Ringo Kamens

On 1/10/07, Ben Wilhelm <zorba@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Robert Hogan wrote:
> * From a common-sense, peace-of-mind point of view, is running an
> strictly for co-located servers? Does anyone here run one at home? If so,
> have you had second thoughts?

I run one at home, but it's on a dedicated IP, within a virtual machine.
  I wouldn't want to run one off any IP I actually personally used (I
like being able to use Slashdot and Wikipedia, and I have IRC channels
that have some security based on my IP :P) but I don't mind having it
segmented off onto a separate IP.

Plus, this way when they say "hey tor.pavlovian.net was downloading
child porn" I say "I have never once used that IP for anything of my
own". Honestly, I don't think getting that letter about a colo server
would be any better than getting one at home, so hey. :)