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Re: more letters from the feds

xiando wrote:
I think this is a valid point. I ran an exit-node for a short while at home
without thinking too much about it. The huge amount of traffic I was
attracting (even within minutes of booting up) made me shut it off for the
sake of personal convenience, but I don't think I will ever go back -

Use bandwidth limiting?

BandwidthRate 45 KB
BandwidthBurst 95 KB

This is low, but that's all I can spare on my home ADSL, and at least it contributes something. Limit your home node and it don't attract more than you can spare. Also, you can lower it temporarily (the minimum is 20 KB) and just -HUP tor if you need to upload a big file somewhere or something like that.

I use 20kb because I've got 45kb upstream, and I've got my router set up with QOS so the Tor traffic doesn't interfere at all. (And, presumably, so I don't interfere with it.)

I should point out that I have since run into one small issue with hosting locally - several IRC servers blacklist Tor server IPs. One of these servers was pulling the list off somewhere that also blacklists entire /24s including exit servers, and was using that mode, so my home computer was banned since it was a Tor IP. Luckily I know several IRCops, asked around, and that server no longer does that anymore ;) but it was a mild inconvenience.

So, life isn't perfect running a Tor server.