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How to use svn [was Re: EventDNS Crash: ISP-Hijacked Address]

On Thu, Jan 11, 2007 at 11:11:41AM -0800, Andrew Del Vecchio wrote:
> Hash: RIPEMD160
> Is 'svn' a CVS type system? I've never played around with patches
> before, only complete alpha releases. I'll try your patch first if I
> can get the basic retrieval instructions ;)

Hi!  Since this is something more people might want to know about,
I'll post more detailed instructions.

"Svn" is "Subversion".  It is indeed a cvs-type system.  If you're
running a Unix-like system, just use your package manager to install
it or get the source at http://subversion.tigris.org/ .

Once you've done that, you can get the latest source by following the
instructions at http://tor.eff.org/documentation.html :
   svn checkout https://tor-svn.freehaven.net/svn/tor/trunk tor

This will create a new directory called "tor".  Later, to fetch
updates, cd into the directory and type "svn update".  For more
information, see the subversion documentation.

Nick Mathewson

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