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Re: EventDNS Crash: ISP-Hijacked Address

Hash: RIPEMD160

Is 'svn' a CVS type system? I've never played around with patches
before, only complete alpha releases. I'll try your patch first if I
can get the basic retrieval instructions ;)

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On 01/11/2007 06:13 AM, Nick Mathewson wrote:
> On Wed, Jan 10, 2007 at 09:57:49PM -0800, Andrew Del Vecchio wrote:
>  [...]
>> write.
>> Jan 10 21:11:32.684 [debug] flush_buf(): 48: flushed 7968 bytes, 8991
>> ready to flush, 8991 remain.
>> Jan 10 21:11:32.802 [debug] evdns_callback(): eventdns said that
>> [scrubbed] resolves to ISP-hijacked address [scrubbed]; treating as a
>> failure.
>> Segmentation fault (core dumped)
>> I'm using Ubuntu Edgy Eft (6.10). Is there any way to fix this issue,
>> other than to wait for a code fix?
> Not trivially (assuming you can't fix your DNS provider).  But if you
> can use gdb get us a backtrace from that core, the fix will come out a
> lot faster.  (Do _NOT_ send the core itself; it has a copy of your
> keys in it.)
> (To get a stack trace, run "gdb {path-to-tor} {path-to-core-file},
> then type "bt".)
> But before you do that, I've checked in a possible fix to svn; if you
> can let us know whether that works for you, that would also be
> helpful.
> Thanks for reporting this, BTW!  Please let us know if you find
> anything else.
> yrs,
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