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Re: more letters from the feds

On 1/27/07, patgus@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <patgus@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
 Problem still exists though, that Tor needs more exit nodes. If nobody is
willing to run an exit server the performance of the network suffers

If *nobody* is willing to run an exit server the performance drops to zero (at least for all but hidden services).

That brings up an idea, though.  Are there certain common perfectly
legitimate things that exit nodes are being used for, that maybe some
hidden services could be set up to take the load off?  For instance,
one could set up a hidden service to search Google or to read
Wikipedia, things which aren't going to attract any negative
attention, but which would take the load off an exit server.

Or what about a hidden service for reading web pages in general?
Something which doesn't support POST (or maybe even GET), so is much
less likely to be used abusively.  Is this feasible?