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Re: more letters from the feds

On Sun, Jan 28, 2007 at 04:05:58PM +0100, Fabian Keil wrote:

> I think it would be interesting to know if any single person
> in Germany got more than one letter, or first a letter for one
> investigation and than a personal visit for another one.

Anecdotally, the complaint rate with Tor is typically much higher than with 
mixmaster, at least in Germany. I've had three distinct contacts
with the police and/or BKA for a Tor node runtime less than a year.
The complaint rate and the kind of encounter might also
differ by locality, some are more law & order than others.
> If you get the friendly letter to give up information about
> your clients it already means you aren't considered a suspect.

When you're invited by the friendly local police officer in person
to give things to protocol, you're not ruled out to be a suspect.
That's for the investigator to decide (and I would really recommend
to have law insurance for those cases when the investigator is
not convinced you and the party in question are not one and the same).
I also really really recommend to not run a Tor exit node on domestic
broadband in Germany, unless you're prepared to be woken up rather
early and rudely, and have to part with your hardware for a significant
period (if forensics folks are overworked and/or someone 
wants to harass you sufficiently to discourage other local
operators from running Tor you'll be parted with it effectively
for good). Things should be easier at a colo rental, where the burden
of dealing with hardware confiscation is left with the provider
(of course, the provider might think twice in future about allowing
customers to run Tor in their address space, or cooperate with
the authorities to install a tap). 

> If this decision isn't made arbitrary, it should be always the same
> and someone who already got one of the service provider letters
> could feel more comfortable than one who hasn't heard anything
> from the authorities yet.

Another thing: sometimes the investigation take their time, so
it can take months after the the initial complaint for the 
police/BKA to contact you.
> Of course it's a decision everyone has to make himself,
> but I for one wouldn't mind answering the letters now and
> then.

If it's just the letters, that wouldn't be a problem.

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