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Question for DEVs -- Write/Read Limiting

Hi guys,

From the release notes for version "":

....It enables write limiting by default...


....Enable write limiting as well as read limiting...

What I'm trying to figure out is what, specifically, is now enabled 
by default that was not before? I mean, the Tor FAQ talks about two 
things relating to traffic limiting: The 
BandwithRate/BandwidthBurst options, and the 
AccountingStart/AccountingMax options. Is it some setting related 
to these that is now set by default? Or is it something entirely 
different? If it is different, can we get a short explanation of 
the changes? Also, if it is different, is there a config file 
setting that would make a server behave the way it did before these 
changes were implemented?

My apologies if this is explained somewhere already and I've missed 

Thanks so much.

Keep up the great work!


Joe Kowalski