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Re: Good reasons to use Tor etc.

Watson Ladd wrote:
> xiando wrote:
>>> This reads to me that you are implying that if you
are not annoying,
>>> abusing or threatening, you have no need to hide
your identity.
>> Your friend says something your government does not
like, they drag him away, 
>> you never see him again, nobody ever heard from him
again, he's just gone.
>> Perhaps you'd like to say something about your
government killing your friend, 
>> or torturing your family, or something worse, but
you'd like to not be killed 
>> or tortured for doing so. Eh?
>> There really is little difference between todays
NATO countries and yesterays 
>> NAZI Germany, except that the technology is far
more advanced and government 
>> torture and murder kept even more quiet under
todays fascist NATO-regimes. 
>> And then there's China who's government is so
arrogant that they - unlike 
>> NATO countries - openly admit to torture and murder
for speaking out against 
>> their government.
> Got any evidence of this? Amnesty International
would like to know of
> any torture inflicted on political prisoners in NATO
nations. If you
> don't want to tell me, send it to Amnesty
International or call a reporter.
>> But hey, if you have no ability to think critically
or question and believe 
>> the Disney-land-like Hollywood-directed propaganda
reality shown on 
>> television then perhaps it's hard to understand why
there are huge amounts of 
>> good reasons to speak anonymously...
> Thank you for protecting human rights. That goes to
all of you working
> on Tor.
> Watson Ladd
Its a nice idea to think that Amnesty International
would be willing or 
is even able to assist persons being persecuted around
the world as I 
believe Xian do (sorry if I am wrong) was hinting at.

I believe that he was pointing to the Zionist
dictatorship that rules 
the world.


My apologies for being so "politically incorrect" but
its a sad fact 
that often goes unstated. (I expect howls of
anti-semite, wacko, racist, 
fascist and the likes but I can assure you I am
neither - how could a 
jew be accused of such things?).

Was "George Shaffer" being objective in his reply or
was his reply just 
a spoiler by a jew? Shaffer is a German/Swiss jewish
name is it not?

Indeed, have the zionists taken over tor (so as to spy
on gentiles via a 
huge number of exit servers) and or-talk (so as to
silence any  gentile  

You see, your interest in protecting people for from
torture or even 
gathering data on the subject is really not very
helpful when thousands 
of gentiles are being exterminated by zionists around
the nato countries 
every year. This extermination, which is a form of
(selecting outr the "good" genes), targets very high
IQ gentiles. I 
myself became a target at 16 when they discovered my
200  IQ. By dumbing 
down the gentile they obtain a low IQ, easily duped,
work force of 
essentially slaves. This way, they also get rid of any
potential enemies 
"would you kill Hitler before he came to power?", or
before he was born? 
or before he reached adulthood? or before he had
children?  ie as soon a 
they are identified a potential threat.

The MENSA societies, and school IQ testing of the
world are used to 
identify their victims and really high IQ gentile
results are downgraded 
to hide the fact from other gentiles who may be

If they reach adulthood these "intelligentiles" find
they are slandered 
and attacked on a daily basis. They are even set up by
jews who feed 
them a story (usually about jewish lies and
corruption) so they later 
re-tell this story to their friends. Sooner or later
they have a reason 
to call them "racist, anti-Semite, facist etc. That
when the gullible 
gentiles start up action as well.

Instead of these intelligentiles leading the gentiles
they end up out of 
work, homeless, familyless, penniless and many live on
the streets. If 
they do survive and have children then their family
will be targeted for 
as many generations as it takes to extinct the genetic
link to intelligence.

Sadly, most organizations, such as Amnesty
International (AI), are 
controlled by zionists. I believe that is in fact the
case for AI.

So what would be the point in telling you they tried
to murder my 2 
month daughter as while back and that last year they
tried again? And 
that I have not been able to obtain employment in 5
years because of 
their practice of intelligentile extermination? Even
though I am highly 
qualified, highly talented and (was) well experienced.
That I have come 
close to death on more than 20 occasions in the last
10 years by their 
hands? The last was an attempt to run me over in my
own drive-way (Dec2006).

I guess there would be no point...so..

Will I go back out onto the streets again if they
manage to stop my wife 
from working and we end up separating? Will I then
commit suicide or 
will one of their "street" killers/abductors get me
and I'll never be 
seen again? Will I end up in jail on trumped up
charges and be "suicided"?

Who knows... but more importantly.. who will care?

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