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Re: Block directory authorities, is it possible?

On 1/14/07, Kevin Smith <kevin.in.china@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Why hasn't Tor been blocked in China already?

It depends on what you're referring to - the Tor website, or the Tor
service itself.

As far as I know, URLs under http://tor.eff.org/ are blocked, just
like http://psiphon.civisec.org/ and http://www.torrify.com/ . There
may be inter-province or even inter-ISP differences though.

If you're referring to the services themselves, neither (Tor or
Psiphon) are blocked. If you can get Tor (or Torpark for that matter)
to initialise in the first place, or if you already have someone on
the outside offering you a Psiphon link, they will just keep running.

I guess that's because China is, for now, focusing solely on blocking
websites (i.e. readable material served over HTTP). They haven't
started worrying about encrypted tunnels yet.

- John