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Re: Block directory authorities, is it possible?

On Sat, 13 Jan 2007 19:41:57 +0800, "Kevin Smith" <kevin.in.china@xxxxxxxxx> said:
> Why hasn't Tor been blocked in China already? Torpark is redirecting

Two explanations: 

1 - They need it for own use, field agents inside china to field agents in foreign countries. An easy way to not have to go by embassy that probably have other secure ways but more local and also more watched by foreign surveillance authorities. 

2 - They have very unusual skilled people, find in their huge population, that have ways of cracking it or intercepted entry connections. When they have cop snapping steel wires by bare fingers and kids smashing concrete slabs with their heads and other almost supernatural features, no big deal if their headhunters find real super nerds. You know movies such the Rainman or the Mercury Rising? People like this may be in use there to crack Tor and then is a easy way to allow Tor to have it all going one way. 

Just my two cent, nickel or dime... 

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