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Re: Privoxy setting blocking Yahoo mail logout

"A. L." <alobiuc@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> This configuration of Privoxy:
> {+fast-redirects{check-decoded-url} -block}
> .*rd.yahoo.com/
> included in the default actions file of Privoxy shipped in the
> Tor-Vidalia-Privoxy bundle will block Yahoo mail logout as the logout
> url is a fast-redirect. Commenting out the rule will eliminate the
> problem.

Please report Privoxy problems to the Privoxy project
directly, unless you are sure the problem only exists in
the Privoxy version that is shipped with the Tor bundle.

Anyway, to really fix the problem (instead of hiding it by
disabling yahoo redirects alltogether) we need to know
how a yahoo logout URL looks like and how a non-intercepted
request for it is answered.

I guess now that the thread is already open it doesn't
hurt if you provide this information here as well,
otherwise you could add it to this tracker:


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