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Re: Privoxy setting blocking Yahoo mail logout

Below is a sample logout URL, where I replaced alphanumeric characters in alpahumeric only character sequences with "A" and numeric characters in numeric only character sequences with "N". For some clarity, I present two versions of sampled URLs, one having the char sequences contracted to "Ax" and "Ny" forms, where x and y are the number of times a (not certain) alphanumeric character and numeric character respectively occur.



The first url string might break the page layout, sorry if it does.

However, the browser should reach the following url:


if nothing interferes, but with the mentioned rule enabled it reaches:


which is actually the last valid url, just what +fast-redirects is designed to get. Of course, privoxy's response is triggered by the ard.yahoo.com part int the logout url.

Indeed, maybe I should've posted at the Privoxy project lists but I thought it concerns all the users of the bundle alike (maybe this setting for other Privoxy uses is useful, but in the particular case of Yahoo mail users it doesn't).

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