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Fwd: EZZI.net Abuse Warning

Subject: EZZI.net Abuse Warning
Date: Tuesday 23 januar 2007 22:39
From: abuse@xxxxxxxx
To: xiando@xxxxxxxxxx


Regarding Server Main IP:

We got a notice from the Undernet IRC Network about a number of servers on
 our network making suspicious connections to their network, your server
 appears to be one of those boxes. It appears whoever caused this hacked the
 servers by brute forcing SSH logins and uploading a fake httpd binary and
 launching it.

Please look into this matter immediately, if you need help feel free to open
 a trouble ticket. It is also suggested you check your servers password
 policy and make sure your passwords are secure. We suggest at least 6
 characters, uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers.

We thank you in advance for your swift cooperation in this important matter.

Thank you,
EZZI.net Support Team


I got multiple copies of this (I have more than one Tor exit server).

There are - apparently - bad people on the Internet (no shit). It is likely 
the first time EZZI.net has got a (very much likely) Tor-related abuse 

Please share any view on how to respond to EZZI.net about some person on the 
Internet hacking some box on the Internet using Tor (which seems to be why 
EZZI.net wants me to explain myself).