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Re: Is there something similar like "Torbutton" FF plugin for the Internet Explorer ?

tor@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> On Mon, Dec 31, 2007 at 10:28:21AM +0100, Ben Stover wrote:
> > Is there something similar like "Torbutton" FF plugin for the Internet
> > Explorer ?
> > 
> > Or do I really have to change manually proxy settings each time I want
> > to switch from "Tor enabled" to "Tor disabled" mode?
> If you're using Privoxy, it has such a function build in already. Just 
> go to the special 'website' p.p which will be intercepted by privoxy and 
> you can click on 'Toggle Privoxy on or off'. There you can switch it off 
> and it also offers bookmarklets, which you can add as buttons
> (bookmarks) to your IE. Easy as that.

I don't think Privoxy's toggle option does what you think it does.

However not all is lost: using Privoxy 3.0.7 beta or later
you can combine the user-agent client-header tagger,
the forward-override action and a browser-plugin that changes
the User-Agent header to build your own Tor toggle.

For details see:

Be sure to read the warning before doing it, though.

Note that nowadays the Torbutton extension is also supposed
to protect you against some JavaScript-based attacks.
Privoxy doesn't do that.


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