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Re: privoxy log analyzer

lester psigal <lesterpsigal@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> does somebody know a good working, freely available
> log analysis software for privoxy and/or tor (vidalia)
> and can provide me and the forum with her/his experience?

What exactly do you want to analyse?
Privoxy and Tor log different things.

I'm not aware of any dedicated log analysers for
Privoxy, but I intend to one day have Privoxy-Log-Parser
report some fancy statistics. Currently it's just a
filter and syntax highlighter:


Also note that Privoxy (more or less) supports the
"Common Log Format" which is supposed to be widely
understood by analysers for web server logs. It's not
very detailed, but may be better than nothing.

> comments like 'write your own!' are very welcome i'm
> already thinking about it....

I sure would like to have analysers for both
Tor and Privoxy logs. One for Polipo logs would
be useful too ...


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