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Re: TorStatus version 4 has been released

Noiano <noiano@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Kasimir Gabert wrote:

> > A new version of TorStatus (http://torstatus.kgprog.com) has been
> > released.  More information can be found at
> > http://project.torstatus.kgprog.com, and any comments are greatly
> > welcome.

> In my *very humble opinion* I think the web page is a bit too heavy for
> two reasons:
> · it takes a bit too much to load because it contains a lot of data.

At least it compresses quite well:
21:28:27.567 283b5400 Re-Filter: Decompression successful. Old size: 230926, new size: 2642640. (saved: 91.26%)

Of course if you'd be using Privoxy 3.0.6 or earlier with
filtering enabled, you'd download the whole two megs ...


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