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Re: New Privoxy 3.0.8 with Tor

"Mr. Blue" <trashdsfg@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> When I've upgraded from Privoxy 3.0.6 to New Privoxy
> 3.0.8
> These rules from user.action doesn't seem to work
> anymore:

> {+filter-client-headers
> +filter{hide-tor-exit-notation}}
> /

With Privoxy 3.0.8 it should be:


Quoting item two on

| Header filtering is done with dedicated header filters now.
| As a result the actions "filter-client-headers" and
| "filter-server-headers" that were introduced with Privoxy 3.0.5
| to apply content filters to the headers have been removed.
| See the new actions server-header-filter and client-header-filter
| for details.

Please also have a look at the "Note to Upgraders" on the same page.


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