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Re: New Privoxy 3.0.8 with Tor

Mr. Blue wrote:
When I've upgraded from Privoxy 3.0.6 to New Privoxy
These rules from user.action doesn't seem to work
{ +filter{hide-tor-exit-notation} }


Now I can't use Tor to surf with exit node specific
Ie: http://showip.net.4edd4dbb3a352cee02ab8e2298b002477c778281.exit/

Please help me.

I hate to sound lazy, but I find the new version of Privoxy somewhat confusing. And I know that it's me!!

Would it be possible for some kind soul to post 1)A sample user.action file 2) a sample config file designed to allow the browser to connect to Tor?

My old useraction file and config file for Privoxy 3.06 don't work with 3.08.

I appreciate the help.