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Re: Your computer is too slow to handle this many creation requests!

On Jan 2, 2008 2:10 PM, Eugen Leitl <eugen@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> ...
> Don't tell me AES is the bottleneck on a Padlock system. VIA C7
> can process way more AES blocks than the (typically crappy) NIC
> can handle.

compression (zlib) is the Tor bottleneck on a 1.5Ghz C7.  crypto
throughput with patched openssl (dynamic padlock engine) is:
SHA-1 throughput 268,405.03kB/sec with 8k blocks
SHA2-256 throughput 263,643.08kB/sec with 8k blocks
AES-128-CBC throughput 1,029,006.84kB/sec with 8k blocks  -> yes, 8Gbs of AES!
AES-256-CBC throughput 779,103.35kB/sec with 8k blocks
[ montmult accel via openssl 0.9.9 bn_mont_mult via-mont.pl asm optimization ]
rsa 1024 394.1 sign/sec, 8710.6 verify/sec
rsa 2048 84.0 sign/sec, 2973.4 verify/sec
rsa 4096 14.2 sign/sec, 866.8 verify/sec
dsa 1024 1024.0 sign/sec, 852.5 verify/sec
dsa 2048 349.2 sign/sec, 294.6 verify/sec

hardware entropy throughput is 50kB/sec to 8+MB/sec depending on
XSTORE instruction and user space entropy daemon configuration.

best regards,