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Re: shinjiru closed exit node acceptnolimits


A good response might be to write a letter to the hosting company, have you tried that?

if hosting company = server provider then:
Yes I wrote two emails. They didn't respond. I don't write hardware snail-mail letters, because completely anonymous server renting was possible there.

It's all an issue of pressure. If we can apply more pressure than whoever is on the other side, we come out on top,

My first goal is to find a new provider (if shinjiru doesn't want me and my tor exit node any more).

My second goal is to find out what happened; what type of abuse there was. Perhaps somebody hacked the server (OK, only ssh with key-login, tor and apache where running, but who knows) and abused the server for sending spams. In this case I would understand, why they shut down the server.

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