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shinjiru closed exit node acceptnolimits

Hello everybody,

on the 1st of January 2008 the web server provider shinjiru (Malaysia) kicked my exit node acceptnolimits (traffic about 10 GB per day) because of "abuse". Before the contract (serveral months ago) I asked if they have a problem with tor running on their servers (exit node) and they answered "you are most welcome."
Up to now they have not answered my questions (about what happended).

Now I am looking for a new server provider. I asked iweb8.com, but they told me, tor is only allowed as long as nobody complains. Hence you can count the days until you get kicked there.

Does anybody here know a "kick-save" provider outside the US and outside the EU, where it's possible to run tor exit node servers? What is the price per month?

accept no limits