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Re: shinjiru closed exit node acceptnolimits

Hello everybody,

here an update.

on the 1st of January 2008 the web server provider shinjiru (Malaysia)
kicked my exit node acceptnolimits (traffic about 10 GB per day)
because of "abuse".
Before the contract (serveral months ago) I asked if they have a
problem with tor running on their servers (exit node) and they
answered "you are most welcome."

After I wrote several emails to the server hosting company shinjiru (shinjiru didn't answer), the company doing sushinjiru's technical support (this company always replied, but they aren't responsible for suspensions and they can only give answers to technical questions because they only do technical support) surprisingly informed me, that the server was "unsuspended". So I don't know why it was suspended and I don't know why it was unsuspended.

Now the server has new IPs and this exit node will soon be back.

 accept no limits