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Re: shinjiru closed exit node acceptnolimits


> So think out a name, address, etc. (just for the card) and you can get
> one e.g. at card444.com.

Cool; is it possible to have an paypal account with such a prepaid credit card?

You may have noticed their FAQ-section with e.g. the 12th question:

And are there other alternatives for paying anonymously?

You have had a look at their main page with the many icons what payment methods they accept? To name the simplest one (be careful this is a personal opinion): Ukash (just get 19digit numbers and pay with them), although it is very difficult if you don't live in UK, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands or Spain to find a shop selling Ukash numbers. Perhaps you have a friend there who buys the numbers and mails them to you.