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Re: shinjiru closed exit node acceptnolimits


> So think out a name, address, etc. (just for the card) and you can get  
> one e.g. at card444.com.

Cool; is it possible to have an paypal account with such a prepaid credit card?
And are there other alternatives for paying anonymously?

I looked for a swiss numbered account, but it's not really anoymous and it's the
same with the goldfinger account:

> Somebody out there, PLEASE, to give some hints/answer to my ORIGINAL question?
> Original question?? Yes, my original question: Can somebody recommend  
> a Non-US and Non-EU server provider (dedicated server) that has no  
> problems if the server is used as tor exit node?

I'm using a local ADSL2+ provider for several years with a little less than 1 Mbit/s and the
only problem i had was that my provider complained about spam from my TOR server and exit node,
because i started with no rejected port.