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Re: [OT] Anonymous payment [was Re: shinjiru closed exit node acceptnolimits]


So think out a name, address, etc. (just for the card) and you can get
one e.g. at card444.com.

do you have other virtual credit card issuers you recommend? this is the first i've heard of this service.

Other issuers can be found by e.g. searching for "prepaid" and "virtual". Other issuers, that I recommend ... after I found this issuer and because I have had no problems with them I stopped ordering/testing other cards/issuers. So my experiences with the others are rather out of date.

the fees for this card are quite significant[1], are there places more reasonable?

At www.www-card.com there are less fees, BUT a real visa card (as far as I know) is needed to buy/upload virtual cards.

At www.visacreditcards.cashbusinessopportunity.com the fees are a little smaller, but in the same magnitude.

I don't know if these places are "more resonable". If you are going to test some other cards/issuers, please mail your results. [As I mentioned above, with the card444 cards I never had any problems with the (extensive) fraud checks done by some "shops".]

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