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Re: Tor server using Vista?

Alexander W. Janssen wrote:
I ain't no Windows-advocate but I find this argument a bit weak.
Nowadays all the modern operating systems have the same problems: To
much installed services by default, weak administration and the general
reluctance of users to pay attentions to security-updates and
best-practise when it comes to using common sense.

Amen to that. Out of all the systems I've administered, I've had zero Windows boxes compromised and one Linux box. And that isn't because Linux is "less secure" - it's because I knew Windows a lot better by the time I started doing stuff online, and I didn't know enough Linux at the time to realize I was making a horrible security vulnerability with one bad decision.

The most secure operating system in the world will be insecure in the hands of someone who doesn't understand it. The least secure operating system - which is probably Windows at the moment - can still be run quite securely if you keep on top of it.

I use Windows as a desktop system, and keep it behind an OpenBSD firewall/router. If for some reason I felt like this was the system I had to run a Tor server on, I'd run it on this system with little worry of compromise.