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Restrict relay to internet2


I run a tor relay node (no exits) on my school's network. Due to their bandwidth policy, I have to limit traffic to about 1 Gb per day. Weak, I know.

HOWEVER, my school is also connected to the Abilene/Internet2 backbone, and they DON'T limit bandwidth usage over Internet2!

Internet2 is set up such that it is transparent to my computer, but I've hacked together a simple script that uses traceroute to figure out if traffic between my machine and another host is going over Internet2. So I can scan through the directory of Tor nodes with my script, and find which ones are on I2.

The final part of my scheme would require that I be able to restrict my tor node to ONLY relay traffic to/from I2 nodes. I can't figure out how to do this.

Anyone have an idea for how to pull this off? It seems to me that I could do it with a lot of hairy routing rules, but this would be bad because I'd be breaking circuits all the time.