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Tor, thunderbird and gmail.


I have tried to understand, read and apply an the information I have found about Tor with thunderbird and gmail. Still I have some question to be sure.

I have a gmail account.
I have create a account in thunderbird for this account.

Account settings are:
Inbound: IMAP
port 993

port 587

Installed the torButton addon for Thunderbird and have proxy settings:
HTTP proxy - localhost 8118
SSL proxy localhost 8118
SOCKS lockshost 9050
No proxy - localhost,

Tor installed with default settings.

After been running Wireshark and some other monitoring programs it seems to send all communication thru Tor, in and out. Is this the correct setup for this?
I cant see any DNS leaks.

In the beginning of this setup I was confused as I told Thunderbird to use Tor but in the monitor I could see that is was connecting to gmail directly. This was coming and going and I didn't understand why. After some more tries i figure out that Thunderbird creates a connection to gmail and keeps it. What happen was that I open Thunderbird without Tor, checked my mail, then I hit the torButton to activate Tor and rechecked my mail. So the torButton will not close the previous connection and this make the last call still go direct to gmail. If I restart Thunderbird and start it with tor active from start it will work fine. Is this the way it is or am I missing something here?