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Re: How to remove some useless nodes

You can add
ExcludeNodes NodeName1, NodeName2
to your torrc, where the NodeName1, etc. are the names of Chinese exit
nodes that you are aware of.  However, you much disallow each Chinese
node separately; you can't exclude by country.

On 26/01/2008, 孙超 <g06b08120301@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> We in China use tor mainly for avoiding Great Fire Wall, which is a very
> strong internet censorship software operated by the government. So, if
> linkage with nodes within China is completely useless for us to break the
> censorship. Usually, we can cut off such connection in tor's graphic window
> vidalia manually, but it very bothering, we must keep an eye on whether
> there is linkage within China. I wonder if there is some way to remove nodes
> located in China.
> If someone knows how to do, plz tell me, Thanks!!!