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Re: How to run an exit node and not getting raided by police?

> As far as I know tor operators have been raided in Germany and Finland
> by ignorant cops who does not know anything about proxies or that one ip
> does not mean "one person" (ever heard of NAT, proxying or routing for
> example). How about other countries?

From germany i know that an anonymous email which says that i'm person X and 
i will go rampage the next day in a school will cause a house search at person X with
a probability of about 50 % - even it this person X is in another country and it's clear that 
the mail was a hoax! So the police usually does check nothing and the judges usually say
yes to what the police wants, because they often do not know what they are doing, they have
few time and other common reasons. 
But i also know that the police in germany and most all other countries only uses the IP number
from the TCP/IP protocoll and that therefore using a proxy of your provider makes you 99,999 %
Therefore i'm using transparent proxies (Squid, ftp-proxy/frox, maybe soon some for https) plus a provider
proxy as parent proxy for the exit traffic of my TOR server.

The main problem is that for police and judges there is no quality controll, e. g. ISO 9001, but that's far 
away from TOR.