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Re: Tor operator raided in Finland

> Hello
> I'm not sure if my last email reached the list but just wanted to let
> you know.
> Tor exit-node SpongeBob was raided by local police two days ago. Very
> rude and ignorant cops, the usual. They took all my computers and tried
> to take my UPS before I convinced them that it's not a computer.
> My lawyer said that I should not go in to details but I wanted to let
> you all know.
> Gpg keys revoked and so on.


you should keep your keys only on encrypted partitions and backups with "forgotten" passwords
to avoid revoking GPG keys.
And you should use a transparent proxy plus a provider proxy as parent proxy for the exit traffic of
your TOR server, because usually only the TCP/IP IP number gets logged; e. g. logged by an Apache with
default configuration and most other software.

Well, sometimes shit happens and TOR servers are raided also in germany, where they are legal, so
usually the raiding of a TOR server is only temporary and threads are only idle threats.