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Re: Tor operator raided in Finland

Why tor is banned in Finland? it's just unimaginable!!!

I don't think that it is banned. Police just does not understand proxies and thinks that traffic going through the proxy was originated from the proxy and that the proxys administrator is downloading everything that in reality just goes through the proxy.

Finnish Law has a paragraph that states that service providers are not responsible for traffic that goes through the proxy or for material that customers upload to their sites (but service provider must remove illegal material as soon as they notice it or as soon as cops call them).

I am from China, where internet censorship is used by the government.
So we use tor to avoid censorship from the government.

But so far as I know, there is no internet censorship in Finland, I donot know if I am right?

Yes there is but not the same size as in China. Finnish netcensorship should block cp but they also block legal porn for example. They also block the traffic by servers ip-address, not by the domain. As one ip can contain multiple websites, email server, ftp, dns proxy and so they block them all if even one cp-site is working on that server.

Imagine a service provider that hosts multiple sites, dns-server and email for many domains and one of it's customers upload some cp on their site -> finnish police blocks EVERYTHING that resides on that server. They do not even try to catch the illegal sites admin or remove the illegal material, they just censors the whole server.

I'm also afraid that they are going to start censoring everything that they don't like even if it's not illegal. The system to censor net is already build so next step could be that they start censoring criticism for the state, copyright infrigments and so on. Maybe I'm just a bit paranoid.

Finnish "MPAA" tried to misuse the system and already tried to add sites to blocklist that they don't like. I't did not succeed.

The blocking is very ineffective as cp can be routed through many different ways, not just http. I think that cops should not try to censor the web but try to catch the paedophiles that hurt the children.

Also the sentences for rape or statuatory rape are ridiculous here. Paedophiles that have raped children and get convicted for the first time will get only probation sentence. So they don't go to jail and one can break his probation only by committing same crime as they were sentenced. So if one has raped children and then beats up some children he does not lose his probation.

It's just sick. One can rape and beat up a women and does not get any jailtime at all. If he does it again he maybe gets something like 6 months. For the third time he may even get two years! This is just ridiculous. Fines are also very small, usually something like 500 euros to couple of thousand euros. Same goes for the compensation for victims. If rapevictim gets 10 000 euros compensations it's unsually big compensation and the rape has been unusually brutal.

Heres an example (in finnish) http://fi.wikinews.org/wiki/Koulupoika_ehdolliseen_8-vuotiaan_raiskauksesta:

"Schoolboy convicted to probation for raping 8 year old girl". The girl was 8 years old and the raper 16. He raped the girl at least three times in a row. The court said that the incident was "unusually humiliating". The boy got 1 year and 10 monts probation and he has to pay 11 000 euros as a compensation for the victim.

Okay, this was quite unsual case as the raper was only sixteen but rest of the rape sentences (and statuary rape) are quite the same.

If not for avoiding censorhip, why do you use tor? The Police should not have interrupted you if you had not done illeagal operate such as sending junk mails with tor....

I'm not trying to avoid local censorship or trying to do anything illegal. I'm trying to protect my privacy. I'm not sending junk mail, I'm on the different side as I work as server admin and try to stop spam. I only proxied the traffic that I'm blamed for, it did not originate from my server.