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Re: Tor operator raided in Finland

Why tor is banned in Finland? it's just unimaginable!!!

I am from China, where internet censorship is used by the government.
So we use tor to avoid censorship from the government.

But so far as I know, there is no internet censorship in Finland, I donot know if I am right?

If not for avoiding censorhip, why do you use tor? The Police should not have interrupted you if you had not done illeagal operate such as sending junk mails with tor....

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I'm not sure if my last email reached the list but just wanted to let
you know.

Tor exit-node SpongeBob was raided by local police two days ago. Very
rude and ignorant cops, the usual. They took all my computers and tried
to take my UPS before I convinced them that it's not a computer.

My lawyer said that I should not go in to details but I wanted to let
you all know.

Gpg keys revoked and so on.