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Re: New Tor distribution for testing: Tor Browser Bundle

     On Wed, 30 Jan 2008 00:52:18 +0000 "Steven J. Murdoch"
<tortalk+Steven.Murdoch@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>Recently I have been working on creating a distribution of Tor which
>includes a pre-configured browser -- the Tor Browser Bundle. It is
>intended for being run off an USB flash drive, but will probably also
>be helpful to users who want an easy-to-setup packaging of Tor.
>More information and download links can be found here:
> http://torbrowser.torproject.org/
>The bundle contains Firefox, Tor, Vidalia, Polipo and Torbutton. No
>installation is needed (just unpack the contents). All the components
>are automatically started by one double-click.
>The bundle is new, and contains development versions of Tor, Vidalia
>and Torbutton, so should be considered a testing release. I do hope it
>will be useful, and I'd appreciate comments, suggestions, and bug
     I do hope that you, as well as others on this list who are developing
portable versions of tor and tor-related applications and bundles thereof,
are coordinating your efforts with the good folks at portableapps.com, who
have already assembled a significant collection of portable applications
suitable for burning onto CDs or flash drives, including Firefox,
OpenOffice.org, and many associated packages (extensions, utilities, etc.)
They even have a sort of "super  bundle" called PortableApps Suite that
contains ClamWin, Firefox, Gaim, OpenOffice.org, Sudoku, Sunbird, and
Thunderbird.  There is a "lite" version of the suite that substitutes
AbiWord for OpenOffice.org, and a "base" version whose OpenOffice.org is
a stripped-down version.  Check all this stuff out at


It would be a shame either to duplicate the efforts of others needlessly
or to keep your bundle(s) from the wider audience outside of the OR-TALK

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