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Maximize Anonymity Services but Minimize 'Abuse Like' Behaviors...

Tor Gurus -

So, I have just started running a Tor Relay. Currently I am in operating in bridge mode, with a exit policy that rejects all. I am concerned about having to deal with DCMA or other complaints, but I want to balance that concern with providing real privacy value to the people who need it. 

As, such I am wondering what options there are for providing low-risk but high-value services.
Any ideas ?

Some (probably naive) ideas I had were:

- Permitting exit to key informational resources (e.g. wikipedia services)
- Permitting exit to top 5 or 10 web mail services (e.g. google mail, hotmail, yahoo, etc.)

I am curious how others have balanced their desires to contribute to Tor...

Thanks, Erik