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Re: looking for an FTP -> SOCKS proxy

     On Mon, 05 Jan 2009 12:01:29 +0100 gabrix <gabrix@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>Scott Bennett wrote:
>>      I know people are doing FTP transfers via tor, but I don't know how
>> they are doing it.  What are people using for a proxy to sit between either
>> a native FTP client or a web browser to do FTP transfers?
>>      Thanks in advance for suggestions.
>Yeah! How ???
     How what?  How do I know?  Because I see lots of exits from my relay
on ports 20 and 21.  How can I do it?  Well, the suggestion to use proxychains
seems to have been a fruitful one, though it would be nice if the package
were better documented.  I changed one entry in its proxychains.conf file to
get it to use SOCKS5 rather than SOCKS4 to connect to tor, so that it could
forward DNS queries through tor, but it appears that a different entry causes
proxychains to blab queries from my machine to a name server at gtei.net.
I guess I'll have to ponder a while on how to work around that. :-(

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