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proxychains DNS leaks stopped

     After looking at the problem a moment, I tried replacing the last
line of the proxyresolv script in the proxychains package, which reads,

dig $1 @$DNS_SERVER +tcp | awk '/A.+[0-9]+\.[0-9]+\.[0-9]/{print $5;}'

with the following line:

env LD_PRELOAD="" tor-resolve $1

That seems to stop the leaks, but it still leaves tor complaining that
it was given an IP address instead of a host+domainname in the SOCKS5
connection.  (I realize that this method also means that tor-resolve
will be used exclusively for name-to-address resolutions, instead of
whatever list of proxies may currently be the active list for proxychains
to use, but it does what I need for now.)

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