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Re: another tor issue...? (irc...)

Praedor Atrebates wrote:
You will either need to operate an exit node from a separate IP than the computer (physically or via a separate proxy) you wish to connect to freenode with (or use their hidden service) and Slashdot or you will need to forego running an exit, no matter how configured (I suppose if you personally knew someone at Slashdot or one of the admins of freenode you might finangle a personal exception...).

I convinced /. and regained access.

Most of these sites have this policy because of actual past abuses rather than a general philosophical dislike of anonymity or tor.

So I'll have to find a way to use a 2nd IP over my ADSL?
It currently has one IPv4 number.
Would an IPv6 over IPv4 tunnel be something?
That wouldn't cost an IPV4 number.