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Re: Binding Tor to Pseudo-Interface

     On Mon, 12 Jan 2009 02:00:10 +0100 Tom Hek <tor@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>On Feb 23, 2008, at 20:33 PM, Jonathan Addington wrote:
>> I've been running a Tor exit node on and off for awhile now and my
>> biggest problem has always been bandwidth limiting. I finally
>> installed a firmware on my router with relatively advanced QoS on. It
>> works pretty well most of the time, but to optimize it, I need to be
>> able to isolate *all* Tor traffic. Because I use the same computer for
>> other purposes, I can't just deprioritize its traffic, so I created a
>> pseudo-interface for the QoS to filter on.
>> My remaining problem is that while Tor listens and responds to other
>> Tor clients via this pseudo-interface (and hence different IP) it
>> still fetches information as an exit node from the
>> non-pseudo-interface, making it much more difficult to filter (I don't
>> want to deprioritize *my* web-browsing as well!).
>> Is there a way to bind Tor so that it *only* uses the pseudo- 
>> interface?
>> -madjon
>Put this in your tor config file:
>OutboundBindAddress *IP*
>Substitute *IP* with the IP of the interface you want Tor to use for  
>the outbound connections. All the traffic will now flow over that  
>interface ;)
     Well, sort of.  The OutboundBindAddress is the interface used for
initiating a connection to another machine.  Inbound connections will
still be connected at Address.  Connections are bidirectional, so AFAIK
packets sent out on an existing connection from another machine will
normally go out via the same address/interface the connection originally
came in on (i.e., Address), regardless of what OutboundBindAddress says.
Note that this would also apply to DirPort connections if one is running
a directory mirror.

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