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DirPort is unreachable


I'm new to Tor and have been running bridge relay for 1.5 days. I'm
getting the message in the log which says the usual thing:
Your server (xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:9030) has not managed to confirm that its
DirPort is reachable. Please check your firewalls, ports, address,
/etc/hosts file, etc.
(the ORPort however is still reachable)
Getting it for already about ten hours. Need to stress the fact that at
start it stated that it _is_ reachable.

What steps were made between working and non: i got 'too many open
files' warning in the logs so they got 600MiB and overwhelmed the /var
partition, had to made steps to remove that. The only thing made to tor
is that restarted it much in rather short time. Say 15 times in an hour.
That's all I did to Tor. Didn't either edit my /etc/hosts or
/etc/rc.d/rc.firewall. More than that was able to discover from outside
that it is connactable.

In addition if $(sudo /usr/sbin/tcpdump -i ppp0 port 9030) there are
messages going both ways(from me and to me). I'm not experienced in
TCP/IP but at the end of each log entry there are some TCP stats. Seen
that "Flags", "ack", "win" can be different and non-zero. But another
sitiation is to "length". It can be zero or non-zero with connections
from me but it always is zero with connections to me.

p.s. $(sudo netstat -l -p --tcp 2>/dev/null | grep 9030) gives
tcp        0      0 *:9030      *:*     LISTEN      3626/tor


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