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Use a specific curcuit when establishing a SOCKS connection


i was wondering if its possible to use a specific curcuit i previously
created when opening a socks5 connection using tor.

for example:

when i open a curcuit in the tor controls using
EXTENDCIRCUIT 0 one,two,three
i get the id of the curcuit as a response:

now the problem is that there are 5 other open curcuits and tor just
randomly uses one of those when i connect using the socks protocol.
but the thing is that i want to use this particular curcuit with id 13 for a
specific connection.
it would be convenient if you could specify the curcuits you
want to use by modifying the socks5 authentication line, which is in
my case:
0x05 0x01 0x00 (and add an id=13 here)

is this already possible, if not is there any other way to specify the
curcuit i want to use for this particular connection?

best regards

michael h.