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Testing the Tor Vidalia bundle with Thandy updater support

Two packages for Windows are now available for testing the new Thandy
updater code for maintaining current versions of Tor in the Vidalia
bundle.  These are test only releases and should not be used for
anything important; feedback on the package installation and ease of
use is solicited.

The first package is the usual bundle installer with all necessary
programs included.  The second is a network based installer that uses
Thandy to download the most up to date versions of the bundle packages
at install time. Note that if you want to test the update process for
Tor to you will need to install the bundle package;
the network installer will always install the latest version.

Instructions for testing the packages:

My thanks in advance for help testing these packages; I can be reached
at this address for any question or comments.

Best regards,

also, some additional detail about the MSI based packages and update
process is here: