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Re: Asynchronous bandwidth limiting

Hi everyone,

just a quick follow-up on what I've done:

John Brooks wrote:
> bandwidth globally, not per-port. In that case, it may be a good idea for
> Sebastian to disable the dirport to keep outgoing traffic roughly equivalent
> to incoming, since outgoing is his limitation.

I have disabled the directory on my server to
a) ensure maximum bandwidth and traffic are available to OR
b) ensure symmetry between incoming and outgoing bandwidth/traffic usage

I have currently established both limiting and accounting to see which
performs better. Depending on the distribution of load on my node I will
probably adjust these values.

It has been pointed out to me in a private eMail that I have mixed up
'asynchronous' and 'asymmetric' in the my eMail's subject line. For the
record, it should have been 'Asymmetric bandwidth limiting'.

Thanks for the help and hints.


S. Lechte

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