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Re: Am I really helping tor

     On Sat, 17 Jan 2009 00:06:18 +0300 ivvmm <unachievable@xxxxxxxxx>
>I am running tor- bridge on my server. And again after a
>certain period of time it does not appear on
>http://moria.seul.org:9032/tor/status/authority list(at first it did,
>DirPort & ORPort are still reachable). I see _very_ little activity on

     How long might that "certain period" of time be?  It can take at
least two or three hours for a typical tor relay's descriptor to be
distributed to a large fraction of tor clients that are on-line around
the world.  Bridge descriptors are subject to a far more limited method
of distribution.  Normal relays are used by everybody, whereas bridges
are only used by clients that are specifically configured to use bridges.
Normal relays can have entry, middle, and exit traffic, whereas bridges
get only entry traffic from clients configured to use bridges.

>my 9030 port through `tcpdump port 9030`.
>Is this normal?
     There are many reasons to expect different and probably reduced
traffic loads on bridges relative to normal relays.  AFAIK, there is as
yet very little, if any, information available regarding bridge usage,
normal or otherwise, so it would be difficult or impossible to answer
your question.

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