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Re: Am I really helping tor

John Brooks wrote:
> I think that ivvmm is slightly confused about the terminology here -
> which is perfectly understandable. In the interest of clarity:
> A bridge is not handling general tor traffic; it's not put into the
> directory. Bridges exist to assist people in countries that attempt to
> block tor, by giving them a place to connect to that is not listed in
> any tor directory. As no countries currently attempt to block tor (to my
> knowledge), that is mostly a feature for when that day comes. This means
> that bridges handle far less traffic and don't get used much at all
> (currently).
> A relay is a normal server relaying data for the network, as entry,
> middle, or exit. These are listed in the directories and chosen by the
> clients as their circuit. Relays are very important; every relay added
> increases anonymity and available bandwidth to the network. Relays *do
> not* have to allow exit traffic - you can keep the ExitPolicy as
> rejecting everything, and your relay will only handle entry and middle
> node traffic (which avoids abuse issues). Exit and non-exit are both
> very useful to the network. In my experience, a relay will use about as
> much bandwidth as you let it use, which is a sign of how desperate the
> network is for more of them.
> I *think* that what you're going for here is running a non-exit relay;
> that is more useful to the network than a bridge (although bridges are
> very good too, as roger mentioned), and not allowing exit traffic avoids
> abuse and most legal issues.
> Sorry if this is redundant, I just wasn't certain that this was made
> clear to you ;)
>  - John Brooks

You've read my thoughts! Thanks for your explanation. Really thought
that bridges are those servers in the middle, so it's clear now that
they are not.

Now going ExitPolicy reject *:* and
sudo kill -SIGHUP $(ps -C tor -o pid=)

Thanks everyone!

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