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[tor-talk] Cupcake: browser extension for flash proxies

Hi all,

  Made this extension for Google Chrome to extend the concept of the Flash
Proxy, and make it easy for users to create bridges.  (and as a result
cause a bunch of fairly robust bridges to be made).  The concept could be
used in addons for FireFox, Opera, or Safari as well, since they all allow
processes to run in the background.

* Allows people to opt-in to becoming flash proxies, rather than current
opt-out model
* Works in Chrome OS
* Takes all guesswork out of making a bridge
* Flash proxies made with Cupcake have a substantially longer uptime than
those using site visitors
* Uses less memory than either Tor BB or Vidalia

Source code: https://github.com/glamrock/cupcake

Now that I've tested it and it seems to work well, I'd love to get input
and suggestions on it. If it's useful, I'll submit it to the Chrome Web
Store. Right now it uses the Stanford project site's embed page. If there's
much interest in this, I'll switch to a dedicated site since it's maybe not
fair to send that many requests to them ^_^;

Input, ideas, and tomatoes welcome =)

Griffin Boyce

"What do you think Indians are supposed to look like?
What's the real difference between an eagle feather fan
and a pink necktie? Not much."
~Sherman Alexie

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