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Re: [tor-talk] Gmail and Bitcoin? [OT]

>> They said $120 to $150 per thousand accounts
> What they neglected to mention is that only ~5$ of that price tag is
> due to SMS activation.

That's $0.15/acct. We don't know the number of accounts per
SIM so you can't quote $5, $1, $20, $100, or anything for that.
But that $0.15 must at minimum include human food and/or
cpu clock cycles.
Now if you want to volunteer $10, buy yourself a SIM and
see how many accounts you can pack on it, feel free to let
us know.

> Google account's value comes from overall
> tracking of users, not just anti-spam verification

You meant the value of an 'authentic' user account to Google.
Some would say a Google account has little value to the user.
Disgusting datamining aside, Google has some pretty cool
widgets. Just be sure to compartmentalize anything personal
you do there.

> I doubt they
> would find any anonymous deposits scheme valuable for the company.

Mike brought it up... google does on occasion do interesting
things on behalf of, or for, it's users. And Torizens and other
proxy users have been asking for a pardon for a long while. So
you never know. Though like any other company, they largely
have a mind of their own. And that is where the odds lay until then.
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