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Re: [tor-talk] Gmail and Bitcoin? [OT]

There may be some undesirables to solve here...

With sacrifices, you are giving up those funds forever. You can't
get them back and put them towards a new nym when you decide
it's time to expire the old one. You are in effect paying for an account,
just not necessarily to the account provider. A problem for those
who prefer free services or driving up the cost of advertising.

With nym authorities, these authorities are not going to provide
that authority service for free. Nor are they guaranteed to be free
of bias or influence regarding your nym, or held to performance.

And were it possible to transfer prior authority to a new nym,
you may wish your new nym to be unlinked.

> you could burn the bitcoins by sending them to an address
> with (certifiably) no private key.

There is I think no such thing. Who is to say such a key has
truly been destroyed, or that the publisher of said bogus address
string has done so without a key, and that a matching key will
not be created in the future. Much better to just donate them
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