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Re: [tor-talk] Mail service requires "java script enabled"

Something to check into: A LONG time ago, some email providers had a "simple" or "basic" view / page, to login. It was a separate URL, that may or may not have required js, IIRC. For gmail, the "basic" login page didn't require html, either. That may be no more, but at least you could ask - perhaps on Yahoo's forum or in help pages.

I may be way off here, but Tor devs know js is required on most webmail login pages (& many, if not most site logins). I'm guessing if it is a huge problem / risk of leaking identity, there would've been strong warnings and /or they'd possibly come up w/ a solution.

More generally speaking, things that are warned about are separate prgms, plugins, addons, etc. Programs & apps vs. a computer language (java script). Not that it can't be abused - it can & is the source of many infections, problems. But a site like Yahoo is a trusted, safe site. As for a 99.9% guarantee that using js to login to a trusted site / webmail won't leak info - I don't know. Some VERY knowledgeable Tor expert will have to answer.

Another consideration: There are email providers that don't log IP addresses (or don't keep them long) - at least, per their Privacy Policies. Some have low storage allowance / smaller attachment size than giants like Gmail, Yahoo. But, if using it for your more "private" mail (not everyday stuff), that isn't a problem. Or just d/l the email to HDD & del from their server.

Free accts, that are super privacy conscious and allow much storage are pretty rare. There are good ones w/ good privacy / data retention policies or don't even record IP address when logging in. Some may have free accts w/ very limited storage. If they require an alternate address to open an acct, one can create an anonymous acct using Tor on another provider - that allows using Tor (see review from The Simple Computer). Could then close the acct, or keep - in case need to reset a PW. On most, w/o alternate email address on file, no way to reset PW if lost (or even if something goes wrong on their end).

One review / list of providers I saw & recently started looking into for just such a purpose is: http://www.thesimplecomputer.info/articles/email-for-privacy.html which was linked from well known Windows freeware review site, under section "3. Use A Privacy Oriented Email Service": http://www.techsupportalert.com/content/how-protect-your-online-privacy.htm#Follow_This_Advice_To_Remove_Your_Information_From_Most_People_Search_Databases

Article on The Simple Computer has good bit of info, including whether some (webmail) require js, which is only a concern if using a browser w/ webmail. If using Thunderbird & POP / IMAP, js isn't an issue, as it doesn't allow js in messages & you're not retrieving email through a web page anyway.

If you PAY / donate for an acct by MOST methods, someone will likely always be able to track you, if determined. Here's Riseup.net's take on that issue: https://help.riseup.net/en/donate#how-do-i-donate-anonymously TIP: I've read if you "apply" for risup.net acct, don't go into your political stance, when filling out their form, as they are openly very left minded on political / social issues. Author of the article on The Simple Computer mentions that.

Other providers that have been mentioned on this list (but each user should thoroughly investigate) any provider's CURRENT Privacy Policy, TOS & other "fine print" on what they will / won't do:

* secure-mail.biz (free version without SMTP support, premium version
full featured)
* VFEmail needs a temporary mail address for account creation.
* Vekja.net offers anonymous e-mail accounts for 100 Bitcoins per month.

Here is also the SAME question you asked in 2011, w/ some suggestions others had for providers. I guess you didn't find one that suited you?
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2011 18:52:34 -0700
From: JW:
To: tor-talk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: [tor-talk] Good email services?andre76@xxxxxxxxxxx  wrote:
I don't trust anything related to Google...or Yahoo.

Can anyone recommend a good (anonymous, secure and not in based in the
US) email service, it doesn't have to be fancy?
I like both Securenym and also Countermail.


Countermail is based in Sweden.
Both services, however, are subscription based.
Each has their own set of advantages.
Countermail is very good.

For free services, I've always liked Privatdemail.

Clearly, these guys seem to be on Our Team.

I do not know whether or not they are affiliated with the German
Privacy Foundation, but they are strong philosophical
opponents of data retention.

Their data storage is encrypted. I believe their servers are in Egypt.

They use SSL on Port 995.

No web mail.

Yes, the one downside, is that they will require a registration email.
That was no problem for me, as I maintain several anonymous accounts.

I think they're definitely worth checking out.

On Tue, Jan 15, 2013 at 2:41 PM, <andre76@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
.The problem site is Yahoo.com.  It wants java script to be running.

Don't know what to do.

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