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Re: [tor-talk] support didn't answer


I did answer your support request. You are most welcome to contribute to
the Tor community, and I like how you find bugs. You still have to learn
how to behave. IRC, the bug tracker, and other places are public places
shared by the community. Not everyone wants to see you fill pages of
pages with spammy comments. It generates work and is unkind.

If you want to participate on our public OFTC channel, you have to take
it up with OFTC staff, and make them happy. We are very grateful for
this public garden that OFTC staff cultivates for everyone of us.

This is nothing support staff of Tor can help you with.

On 25.01.2013 14:31, bobnomnomnom@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> I can't connect. I need support, nobody answer.
> What I need to do?

Moritz Bartl
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